The designers at Barron certainly have their fingers on the pulse of all things fashion- and style-related. Their knowledge of the latest trends is seen throughout all their ranges, including their range of jackets. At Best Clothing, we always recommend the Barron brand to customers who are seeking high-quality corporate clothing in South Africa. We are an official supplier of the Barron range, and have absolute confidence that you and your staff members will absolutely love what this corporate range has to offer.


Today, we will take a look at Barron’s jackets for men. These are designed to be comfortable, functional, and fashionable. There is nothing plain or bland about the Barron range. It is an excellent and stylish brand that everyone can appreciate (whether you are wearing it or happen to see someone else wearing it).


In the corporate category of Barron clothing, the Body Warmer is highly recommended. It can also be worn as a casual jacket when worn with a casual shirt. The Body Warmer is available in various colours and because it has no sleeves, it can be worn with a long-sleeved shirt beneath or as a light jacket on those less cold or windy days.


The Arizona is another firm favourite in the working environment. This jacket is luxurious faux suede on the outside and Sherpa fabric on the inside. The neatly stitched cuffs and twill neck give this jacket a modern corporate appeal. It’s finished off with two side pockets for added functionality.


If your employees are in management positions or deal with clients on a regular basis, you might want to opt for the Evoke jacket, which is manufactured from 4-way stretch polyester bonded fabric. This is a lightweight shell jacket that features an inverted full zip and two side pockets with zippers. It looks professional and is comfortable enough for all-day wear.


These are just three of the options that are available to you. The range of Barron jackets is quite extensive, offering a variety of types and styles of jackets to suit every type of work environment and every person’s personal preferences. We always recommend consulting with the men in your workforce to see which jackets are most preferred by them before purchasing and branding any.


Regardless of which jacket you choose to go with, we strongly recommend that you have it embroidered with your company brand. We offer to brand your items in-house, so you can get everything done under one roof. Let us know which Barron clothing items you are most interested in and we will advise you on the available sizes and colours.


For more information and advice on the Barron clothing ranges, take the time to contact us via email or telephone at Best Clothing. We will ensure that the latest fashion is made available to the men (and women) in your workplace at an affordable price. Browse through our online catalogues or get in touch with us today.