Choosing the right corporate apparel supplier is essential. You want to know that the company can deliver on its promises. If you want a Barron clothing golf shirts supplier, you have come to the right place, but why choose us over other corporate wear distributors?


Local Company


Instead of having to deal with overseas companies and all the red tape associated with imports, you work with a local Barron clothing golf shirts supplier. This means you have offices that you can visit. We are not a faceless entity. Indeed, we are firm believers in personal attention to detail. Our website provides an online platform for the downloading of catalogues and even placement of orders from anywhere in South Africa. But we also have a brick and mortar building where our team deals with imports, sizes, designs, and branding choices. Our guarantees are local, and you can thus rest assured that our word is our wand.


Fast Turnaround


As a trusted Barron clothing golf shirts supplier, we receive many bulk orders. This also means we are in a better position to negotiate for competitive pricing. The savings are given through to our clients. With us being local, we can guarantee fast turnaround on orders. This also applies to designs, prints, and promotional gifts.


Personal Attention


As mentioned earlier, we believe in meeting client requirements. To this end, our relationship managers build long-standing client relations. They go the extra mile to find out exactly what the client wants and makes sure to deliver. Customisation comes with personal attention. This also sets us apart as a Barron clothing golf shirts supplier.


Proven Track Record of Satisfied Clients


Top brands trust us with their corporate wear supply and branding. Amongst the brands are KFC, Hyundai, CMH Group, Simba, and News Cafe, to name only a few. This attests to our professionalism, ability to deliver in bulk, design capacity, and price competitiveness. You can thus have the peace of mind that we will deliver on our promises when you join the top brands as our clients.


Why Barron Clothing?


As a supplier of corporate wear, we can recommend their brand, including when it comes to golf shirts, and here is why:


1. Superior-Quality Fabrics


The company is known for their double stitching, neat designs, and quality, starting with the range of fabrics they use. They understand that corporate wear should last long, despite being worn daily. They also understand that workers need apparel that can withstand several washes without the colours fading. In addition, they know how important the strength of the fabric is to keep the golf shirts from showing signs of wear and tear even after months of usage. If you want apparel made from superior- quality fabrics, then Barron is the brand to support.


2. Best Craftsmanship Ever


Every team member at the supplier knows how important the seams, precision of buttons, and sturdiness of the zips are. They work according to strict quality control measures. When you thus buy their brand of golf shirts, your employees will be able to wear the apparel with pride. Neat finishes and attention to detail set the company apart from many other clothing manufacturers.


3. Durable Haberdashery


How many shirts do you have in your cupboard of which the buttons have been lost? Ask around, and your employees will tell you horror stories about the number of items in their cupboards that are missing buttons or have stripped zips. You do not want employees to look as if they do not care. Broken or missing buttons or zips certainly give that message. Fortunately, Barron clothing, including their golf shirts, feature high-quality zips, fasteners, and buttons, properly attached to last for a long time.


4. Comprehensive Range


As a supplier of corporate clothing, the brand also understands the importance of having an extensive range to meet client requirements. To this end, you will love their range of golf shirts and the many colour options available.


We are proud to be associated with the brand and do our part to ensure that every product you order from Barron is representative of their and our commitment to quality. Get in touch for more information about the range of golf shirts and discover why so many leading companies already support us as a trusted supplier of quality corporate, sports, and workwear in South Africa.