Marketing is a way for any business to get the business name out there. In order for a brand to be used by customers, they need to know that the brand exists. They also need to become familiar with the brand, know its logo, be able to familiarise themselves with the presence of the brand (even if they have not used it – yet) and then they have to use the brand. If they like the brand, they will become repeat customers, and the sales base will grow – along with the bottom line. Advertising is a technique used by marketing strategists to get the brand known, recognised, and to create familiarity with the brand amongst the customer base. Traditional advertising media, such as television, print, and radio are often used, but these can be incredibly costly. With the economy being as bad as it is, and prices for everything skyrocketing, it is not easy to find the budget for expensive advertising.


This is where promotional clothing can fill a huge gap. One of the most powerful ways of getting your brand recognised in the public domain, at trade shows, and especially sports days, is to use branded Barron clothing or branded golf shirts. You can clearly have your business logo and perhaps a quirky message branded or embroidered onto the shirt, and you can issue these to clients, employees, participants in an event, and even to the general public.


Because Barron clothing is made of such high-quality fabrics, their golf shirts are well-designed, attractive, and comfortable to wear. There are also a number of designs and colours available to choose from. You will never have to be embarrassed to issue Barron clothing to anybody! Even executive management will be highly impressed with their range of golf shirts, and you can issue these with peace of mind, knowing that they will retain their shape and colour, be able to withstand repeated wearing, washing, and ironing, and display your brand message at the same time!


Another reason why branded Barron golf shirts are so popular is because the people who wear them act as walking billboards for your brand, making the brand visible to a wide variety of people. If, for instance, you choose Barron golf shirts as part of your company uniform, your staff members will display your logo wherever they go – on public transport during their commute, out buying lunch at a café, walking down the street, and especially at functions and events where your staff members are attending in large numbers. They can also be used to make your staff members more recognisable in a particular environment. For instance, in a retail environment, people need to know who to ask for assistance, and if your retail staff members are easy to recognise in well-designed, high-quality Barron clothing or golf shirts, customers are more likely to approach them.


Best Clothing is one of the hand-picked distributors that are allowed to brand and sell Barron clothing and golf shirts. Because our standards are so high, we only deal with high-quality brands, such as Barron. If you are looking to make an impact with branded clothing or sports apparel, such as golf shirts, give our team a call to discuss your needs!