If you are looking for the best possible corporate apparel and work uniforms for your team, you will find a number of Barron clothing distributors in Johannesburg alone. Barron has become synonymous with quality workwear – and for good reason. They are the market leaders in corporate and promotional apparel manufacturing, and are the preferred supplier for many national and regional companies.

Best Clothing is one of these Barron clothing distributors in Johannesburg, and if you are looking for a supplier of this work apparel, we are the ones to partner with.

So, what is it that makes us the top choice of Barron clothing distributors in Johannesburg?

We Are Where You Need Us

While we are located in Johannesburg, we are the clothing distributors of choice for a large number of prominent national and regional companies across South Africa. We have the necessary skills and capacity to service your business – large or small – whether you are based in Gauteng or further afield.

We Have What You Need

To make sure that we can meet any and all your corporate and workwear apparel needs, our products and services extend way beyond only being clothing distributors. We supply clients in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, and beyond with a selection of solutions. In addition to the Barron brand, we also carry a selection of other quality brands, and further have the capability to produce custom clothes for those clients who require specific solutions to their business needs.

Our product range includes corporate wear, such as shirts, blouses, trousers, jackets, stretch pants, crop pants, blazers, pants, and skirts. We also offer highly durable uniforms for more heavy duty and specialised work environments, such as the medical and food industries. Or, if you require something more suitable to an active environment, we also supply moisture management sports t-shirts, golf shirts, polo shirts, lightweight fleece jackets, trousers, jackets, and track suits.

We Offer Added-Value Services

And what if you want to brand your Barron clothing? Few distributors in Johannesburg can provide the full branding service that we offer.

Professional branding holds many benefits – from brand advertising to improved customer service – and you can have it all done right here at Best Clothing. Instead of having to source your workwear from one supplier and branding from another, we offer a range of solutions to meet your needs.

We have the ability to apply premium embroidering to clothes, caps, towels, or a number of other items, or we can provide simple branding solutions for uniforms and t-shirts on a large scale. Choose between silk screen printing for large orders, or the cost-effective video-flex printing method suitable for smaller quantities. Whichever solution you choose, we can supply your work apparel, branded and ready for wear immediately.

If you want your company to benefit from the exceptional quality and versatility of Barron workwear, be sure to get in touch with Best Clothing. We are one of the top Barron distributors in Johannesburg and beyond, and our team is ready to assist you with any and all your corporate and workwear needs.