With a plethora of choices, when it comes to corporate wear distributors in Gauteng, it should be easy to find trusted Barron clothing distributors in the province. However, even if a company states its credibility, how do you know they can deliver on their promises?


Client List


One way to determine whether the firm is one of the top and trusted Barron clothing distributors in Gauteng is to review their satisfied client list. You want to see big brands trusting the company to deliver on their corporate, work wear, sportswear and casual business, as well as promotional wear requirements. We proudly display some of our clients, giving you an idea of the order sizes that we can meet. The list is impressive and includes brands, such as:



The mentioned list is by no means all-inclusive of our many satisfied clients, but it serves to give you an idea of which brands trust us with their corporate wear and promotional gift and branding requirements.


Apart from being Barron clothing distributors in Gauteng, we supply a wide range of top clothing brands, including, but not limited to:



Personal Contact


Our online platform makes it possible to view our product range and download the brochures from anywhere in South Africa. Though our head offices are in Gauteng, we supply throughout South Africa. Of course, you can also place an order online. As such, we cater to your convenience.


Fast-Turnaround Time


Imagine ordering Barron clothing today and having to wait for ten or more months for it to be delivered. Imagine having to wait another couple of weeks for branding by means of embroidery or silk screen printing. It may sound far-fetched, but if you import directly instead of using one of the local distributors, your product delivery may be delayed because of customs and excise clearance issues, courier problems, and more. Our local presence enables us to deliver quickly and operate on short lead time. This is certainly a plus since the winter is creeping up and you will want the right corporate wear for your employees this coming winter.


Branding at Its Best


Having access to Barron clothing distributors in Gauteng is one thing. Having access to distributors that can also brand the wear with your logo according to your requirements is priceless. Imagine your staff all being dressed in green and white at your independent fuel forecourt. However, with no logo on the work wear, visitors think the forecourt is related to a well-known green and yellow fuel company. Do you really want to invest in the image and look of your business just to be confused with a competitor? This can be avoided through professional branding. Our client list shows that we have the expertise to brand professionally, also on a level suited for multinational giants.


Easy-to-Use Downloadable Catalogues


We understand that you will want to browse through the entire range of clothing available from Barron. To this end, we provide you with user-friendly downloadable catalogues. The products are coded for easier placement of orders. You also have customisation options, such as size, colour, and even styles. If you are unsure about groupings of apparel to make it easier for employees to mix and match outfits, simply speak to one of our relationship managers. The person will help you build collections to meet your company’s dress needs.


What Next?


Download the Barron clothing catalogue and get in touch to experience why so many brands trust us as one of the top corporate wear distributors in Gauteng.