Given the reputation for quality and style earned by the iconic South African brand over the course of more than twenty-five years, the distributors of Barron clothing certainly have a lot to live up to. As an established specialist in the design and manufacture of corporate wear, the company is dedicated to assisting others in the task of growing their brands. As a result, this same responsibility needs to extend to those retailers who have been tasked with managing the distribution of its products. Popular not only in the republic, with the aid of the internet, the brand has also gained the attention of company owners and managers in many other African countries who, not surprisingly, are just as eager for the means with which to “switch on” their brands.


Among the main requirements of all Barron clothing distributors is to seek ways in which to establish long-lasting relationships with its clients. One of the policies that has served to make the manufacturers own brand such a success is that is especially important for those who supply its products to liaise closely and constantly with its corporate clients, in order to ensure that, together, they will achieve the promised “switch on”.


Although consisting of just two letters, the word “ON” is the driving force behind the manufacturer’s brand manifesto and the reason for its consistent success. Both for the brand owner and for the distributors of the Barron clothing line, the word is intended to be a synonym for the concepts of right now, can do, works, solves, and builds.


Although perhaps best known for its corporate wear and promotional products, the overall range is far more extensive and extends to workwear designed to meet the needs of both artisans and professionals. In addition to a selection of traditional and more upbeat chef wear, retailers appointed as Barron clothing distributors also provide appropriate apparel for the staff of beauty salons and healthcare professionals. For the latter, the offering includes scrub tops, pants, and theatre caps, as well as long- and short-sleeved lab coats. For the beauty parlours and the hairdressing salons, there is a choice of tunics, daisy dresses or pinafores, and even a house coat for the apprentices who may still be required to tackle the cleaning duties.


For those engaged in more hazardous tasks, the range also includes protective outerwear, belts, tough footwear, and other safety accessories, such as SABS-approved hard hats and dust masks. For the golfers and for the players of contact sports, the Barron clothing distributors also carry an extensive selection of sportswear for both on- and off-field use, along with tog bags and balls.


To successfully manage the sale of such a diverse collection of items requires both widespread and in-depth product knowledge, as well as exceptional attention to detail – both qualities that are encountered only quite rarely in a typical, general retail environment. It is precisely these qualities that, when applied in combination with the manufacturer’s client-centric philosophy, serve to differentiate the specialised retailer from the rest of the pack. One of the acknowledged pack leaders among South Africa’s authorised distributors of Barron clothing is our Gauteng-based company, Best Clothing.


Operating from our premises in Midrand, the bulk of our company’s trade is conducted with the aid of the internet, and thus our customer base extends to the whole of South Africa, as well as covering many of the countries that lay beyond the nation’s borders. Operating mainly online has in no way served to diminish our determination to deliver the exceptional service upon which our brand’s success was built. Treating each client as king and establishing a relationship that engenders confidence and loyalty, Best Clothing has succeeded in gaining the status of a preferred distributor of Barron clothing to a number of South Africa’s most prestigious enterprises in fields a diverse as tertiary education, local government, food and beverages, and the automotive industry.


Ensuring that we operate in a professional manner at all times and that we conform to the same standards of service excellence maintained by Barron, few are better qualified than our experts at Best Clothing to deliver on the promise of value for money and quality products delivered to our clients’ specifications.