If you are a business manager looking for a cost-effective way to promote your company, product or brand, and want a proven return on your investment, branded corporate clothing and gifts are the way to go. Most marketing strategies focus on creating better visibility for the brand, in order to create brand recognition, which in turn leads to better sales.


Within the harsh economic climate that we are experiencing, most marketing budgets are slashed, and it becomes almost impossible to afford the (very expensive) standard advertising media, such as television, film, print and radio advertising. However, if you are looking for an extremely cost-effective way to get your brand name out there, branded clothing and corporate gifts are one of the best ways in which to add value to your business with your limited marketing budget.


Branded items are used in a variety of ways to market a brand, create loyalty and elevate sales. Externally, branded items and clothing are gifted to clients or potential clients, in order to create brand loyalty and brand familiarity. Employees and internal business stakeholders can be given branded items as recognition for achievement or reward for accomplishment, and this leads to more motivated employees who are inspired to achieve and accomplish more.


When it comes to quality workwear and apparel brands that provide excellent return on investment, Barron clothing is right up there with the best! Barron is one of the most reputable companies that provide quality workwear, corporate gifts, bags, uniforms and other items used for business and promotion. They have been one of the market leaders in the industry for over two decades, and this brand is trusted by all of the prestigious companies that are expertly chosen and approved to become Barron clothing distributors.


Because Barron is a brand that is trusted by thousands of their clients, they have to ensure that the standards of branding and workmanship of their Barron clothing distributors have to be beyond reproach, and that value is added to the Barron brand. Best Clothing is one of the more prolific suppliers of branded promotional items, corporate clothing, sports apparel and gifts on the South African market today, and we have been trusted by Barron to be one of their distributors.


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