Barron, a brand that has been in the country for over 20 years, is not just another apparel company. The fact that Barron clothing distributors have to be officially authorised by the company to resell their brand is proof alone of just how exclusive the Barron brand is. At Barron, quality and value for money are top priorities. While the company has grown from strength to strength over the years and the range has expanded exceptionally, there has never been a compromise in terms of quality.


At Best Clothing, we are authorised Barron clothing distributors and we are proud to have such a brand as part of our own growing catalogue. We believe that Barron clothing brings a strong offering to the table in terms of promotional attire and we certainly promote their various ranges to each of our clients. When browsing through our Barron clothing catalogue, you will find the following categories:








As Barron clothing distributors, we have access to all of the brand’s latest releases and have only seen the product ranges grow, expand and improve in quality and value for money as the years have gone by. It goes without saying that we will be supporting the Barron brand for many years to come.


When buying Barron clothing items from us, chat to one of our consultants about custom branding. We offer silk screen printing, which is ideal for T-shirts and a few other items, and we also offer embroidery, which is a top-quality branding option for a professional look and feel. You will find that the Barron clothing items that you buy are manufactured from top-quality materials, so you can therefore expect durability and long-term service from each item. This certainly provides much peace of mind, as the apparel market unfortunately has earned itself a reputation for producing large quantities of cheap attire items that stretch, shrink, misshape or become faded after just a few washes.


When it comes to a top-quality corporate look and feel, Barron clothing wins outright. We recommend that you allow your team to be involved in the process of selecting uniform, workwear, apparel or sportswear items to ensure that everyone is happy with the final decision. For this to be possible, simply request a catalogue from us. To learn more about the range, get in touch with us at Best Clothing, official Barron Clothing distributors in Gauteng! We are available via email or telephone to discuss your needs and requirements.