Finding corporate and leisure attire that is of a good enough quality to brand with your logo or artwork can be tough. While there are many suppliers of work wear and apparel in the country, not all of them are able to present the market with the type of quality that you would want to associate your brand and business name with.


Barron, however, is a top-quality brand and has been trusted in South Africa for over 20 years. It is commonly associated with corporate clothing and promotional attire, and for good reason. Of course, not just any promotional company has access to the range. Barron clothing distributors need to be authorised by Barron themselves. The range is strictly distributed by authorised distributors, promotional agencies, event companies and independent resellers that Barron has deemed fit to do so. This is just one way in which Barron has ensured that their brand is exclusive and is only marketed by professional, legitimate and ethical companies in the industry.


It is important to ensure that your chosen Barron clothing distributors are authorised and also have the full range to offer you. Barron doesn’t just offer clothing or work wear – they offer image enhancing solutions. You will find that the brand offers an extensive collection of apparel and attire to choose from. The following items can be found in various ranges and categories on our catalogue:



The Barron range and its objectives are synonymous with ours at Best Clothing. Our promise to our clients is that of value for money and product quality, and this is also true of Barron.


In Pretoria, Best Clothing is one of the leading Barron Clothing distributors. You don’t need to be in Pretoria to do business with us. We also offer online sales, which add convenience to your transactions. We ensure that each Barron item that we stock is featured in our online store along with all of the product details, and the colours and sizes that are available. Once you have decided which items are for you, you can request a quotation or simply purchase them immediately.


We can also assist you with branding your new collection of clothing. In most cases, corporate logos or sports emblems and similar are branded onto apparel. We offer embroidery or silk screen printing for you to choose from when it comes to branding options. Simply provide us with your artwork and we will ensure that the final result is vibrant, eye catching and highly visible. Remember to discuss exact placements of your artwork with our team members.


When looking for the most reliable, affordable and efficient Barron clothing distributors, turn to us at Best Clothing. We offer an extensive range, are attentive to the needs of our clients and will ensure that your corporate attire, work wear or sports attire is of the utmost best quality. Take the time to contact us via email or telephone if you would like to receive a quotation or learn more about any of our Barron products.