If you are shopping around for the best quality corporate wear, sports attire, and leisure wear, the Barron clothing collection should be on the very top of your list of options. Barron is a company that puts a great deal of effort into manufacturing clothing that is comfortable to wear, affordable to buy, and looks absolutely professional.


The image that your workforce presents to the public is important in this day and age. With the right, carefully chosen and professionally branded workwear, you can create just the right image for your business. If you would like to view the Barron clothing collection and receive a price list, you’ve come to the right place.


At Best Clothing, we are authorised distributors of the Barron collection. We supply the Barron range direct to the public from the manufacturer. This ensures the most competitive rates, and we are also able to ensure a quick turnaround time on orders and product queries. This is important for those who don’t have a lot of time or money to waste.


Barron is a brand that we have become familiar with over the past 20 years. The brand is not only well known for affordable clothing options, but also because quality of workmanship is a top priority in the manufacturing of each and every garment. At Best Clothing in Johannesburg, we confidently recommend the range to our clients, as we know that it simply won’t disappoint.


The Barron clothing collection includes the following:



If you are wondering if the Barron clothing range is good enough for your brand, keep in mind that other leading brands in the community also invest in the very same product range. These include KFC, AutoZone, News Cafe, and Simba.


When ordering from the Barron clothing range, keep in mind that it’s as simple as chatting to one of our service consultants. We offer online chat, email, and telephone contact options.


Our Promise to You


At Best Clothing, we promise our clients a quick turnaround time on Barron orders. We also guarantee that we will always deal with each and every order with a professional and friendly approach. When it comes to selecting items, you can tell us what you need, or we can assist you with making the right decision for you and your workforce. Once you have ordered your clothing, you can also expect us to be able to assist you with branding it. We offer silkscreen printing, video flexing, and embroidery. All of these branding services are offered in-house, for your convenience.


When shopping for the best quality corporate clothing, the Barron collection is the ultimate answer. Simply request a price list from us or chat to one of our consultants about the products available to you. At Best Clothing, we are dedicated to ensuring that your workforce is dressed the part, and the Barron range helps us to do just that!