Are you considering tapping into the benefits of corporate clothing and workwear? With a plethora of choices and possibilities available, it could be a daunting process. But, if you want the most value for your money, we can confidently suggest that you start your journey of exploration by perusing the latest Barron clothing brochure.


Barron is the largest corporate clothes supplier in South Africa, and their brochure will help you to find exactly what you are looking for – and maybe even more! They always bring something extra to the table, and have an eye for creativity. Whether you are looking for corporate apparel, chef wear, team uniforms, or active wear, their quality is unmatched.


Exceptional Quality


Everything you will find in the clothing brochure is there for a reason. All of their products are chosen because of their great quality. They are a well-established supplier that is known and trusted in the industry. Their name is synonymous with well-designed items and high-quality materials, and you can trust them for up-to-date, contemporary clothes and items that will meet your requirements, as well as create the perfect professional image you want for your team.


Extensive Range


Whether you are looking for a corporate boardroom solution, or durable apparel for outdoor work, you will find it in a Barron brochure. Throughout the years, they have expanded their range to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of an ever-changing work landscape in South Africa. From shirts, blouses, skirts, trousers, and blazers, to chef jackets, pants, and hats, they have it all.


And, while all items are sourced for durability and functionality, they have not neglected the styling. You will find a range of modern and attractive cuts and designs in every Barron brochure. Furthermore, their range is updated each season to make sure it is always in fashion, and that your business can maintain a professional and relevant image.




You certainly do not want to compromise on quality or appearance when it comes to your team and your business. Customers and clients – especially new or potential ones – tend to form an opinion about your business based on first impressions. But how do you ensure a great image, while also keeping an eye on your budget? Barron is the perfect solution. Known for their quality, they provide a range of clothing options at a surprisingly affordable rate. You can even view samples first and their turnaround time is very fast, further helping you save time and money.


Professional Service and a Personal Approach


The success of Barron is as a result of not only the quality of their products, but also the high standard of service they offer. They believe in the power of great brands and great service, which is why they are the trusted supplier of corporate clothes to a number of leading national and regional companies. And the same goes for us at Best Clothing. If you request a Barron clothing brochure from us, we will give you the option to meet with one of our brand representatives to come to you to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have.


Easy to Browse


The Barron brochure is designed with you – the client – in mind, and is easy to browse, depending on your business needs. All products are categorised per type to ensure that you can quickly find what is relevant to you.


Easy to Order


Furthermore, all products in the Barron clothing brochure are coded, simplifying the ordering process and eliminating the risk of placing an incorrect order.


Selected Distributor You Can Rely On


Get your Barron clothing brochure from Best Clothing. This gives you the opportunity to discuss your choices and place your orders through a supplier that is officially endorsed by Barron, and that you know you can trust, as we are an approved distributor of Barron clothing. What is more, in addition to what you see in the brochure, we can also assist you with a number of other brands, custom clothes, professional branding solutions, and a range of corporate gifts to impress your clients or customers. Our friendly and expert team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect solution for your business.