If you are looking for corporate, work wear or sport clothing that will not just look great and enhance your brand image, but will be functional, durable, and practical then we recommend viewing the Barron catalogue of clothing right here on our website.


The Barron catalogue is extensive, catering to every type of work wear, corporate style and even sportswear requirement, and we are a trusted distributor of Barron clothing in South Africa.


Barron has the legacy of being able to put brands out there with unique clothing styles. The company has a proven track record in the creation of corporate and promotional products that stay in vogue. Indeed, with a quarter of a century’s history, the company has showed that they are here to stay. Their firm belief in quality is what makes their clothing stand out, and just a quick browse of the Barron catalogue is all you need to have confirmation of their amazing sense of style.


What also sets them apart is their willingness to take risks. This is why Barron’s clothing is characterised as unique with creative and innovative styles that fit the modern business world. Their creativity translates into a spark that simply gives brands new zest for life. They acknowledge the need for uniqueness in a world that is all too much the same. With such, they design clothing that stands out for all the right reasons.


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They provide the canvas with their fabric for you company to make a lasting impression through branding. We, as proud distributors of the Barron brand of clothing, are just as impressed with their quality as our customers are. As such, we proudly present their catalogue to ensure that you get the opportunity to have your company’s brand displayed on items that will make you proud.


Of course, affordability is always important, especially if you have to get outfits for a large group of people or want work wear that will have to withstand harsh work conditions. Here too we are glad to announce that the pricing is affordable, whether you only buy a small collection or need to buy in bulk to ensure that employees in your corporation can all wear your branded corporate wear for a coherent look and feel across board.


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Dare to stand out with clothing and promotional items that display your brand, review the Barron catalogue and let us help you create a lasting good first impression on customers, business partners, and your employees with quality clothing that fits perfectly and is branded in a stylish manner.