In order to understand the Altitude brand, you do need to know a little more about their origins and what the main objectives were when the company was started. It helps to know where they came from, how they came about, and why they formed a brand that is one of the most desirable branded sports brands out there today.


Altitude started as a Canadian brand. Because we all know it can get darn cold in the winter, Altitude sports clothing specialised in the provision of padded and warm outdoor apparel for those who enjoyed the outdoors and activities, such as hiking in the snow, mountain climbing, and other exercises that happen outdoors. This brand of sports clothing included items, such as goose down jackets, ski suits, and winter boots especially created to deal with really cold environments.


While South Africa is generally a warm country with an ambient temperature, there are also circumstances that require specialised, warm clothing for certain circumstances. In the Western Cape and the Karoo, for instance, it can become bitterly cold at times. Altitude clothing built relationships with South African suppliers and started to provide useful, light, and warm outdoor wear for sports enthusiasts and athletes that liked to be outdoors in the cold.


But it is not all about snow and wind. Altitude clothing has created a range that is specifically adapted to the challenges of the South African climate. This means that whether you are keen to go on a cold hike or climb a snowy mountain in Lesotho, you would be well protected.


In addition to this, there is also the range of Altitude sports clothes that provides protection from the cold for people during their normal lives. Taking the dogs out for a walk in the winter may require a special fleece jacket to protect against the icy Western Cape winds and the Karoo howls. Goose feather puffer jackets provide a warm coating from the cold for workers who have to scale mountains to inspect internet towers and measure water levels at high Altitudes where the weather is particularly cold and inhospitable. This is why this particular sports range has become so popular in South Africa.


The characteristics a company needs to remain alive and profitable inevitably includes adaptability and innovation. This particular range has been able to come up with designs that suit most environments in the different countries they supply their sports apparel to. This means that they have invested in the research of environments of different countries and created new designs that are specifically adapted to those needs.


Best Clothing is one of the main suppliers of Altitude sports apparel in South Africa, because we remain constantly in touch with new ranges on the market. We understand that all innovative companies invest in new design and construction, and that is why we are proud to be associated with the outdoor clothes that this range provides. We are a recognised partner to this modern and inventive company, and we are proud to be associated with their sportswear aimed at the South African market.


Whether you are about to embark on a journey to summit Mount Kilimanjaro or whether you want to spend a winter night in the Karoo, we are the people to contact! Our team at Best Clothing will ensure that you get the most suitable Altitude outdoor apparel for your adventure. Give our team a call today to find out more!