Promotional clothing has been used all over the world to promote brands for more than 50 years. The most popular items where always T-shirts. They were easy to print and cost-effective to create. Altitude T-shirts has moved this market into a whole new marketing context. Whether you are planning a team exercise, promote your company at any given event, or adorn your sales staff with some seriously stylish promotional wear, you will always win when it comes to marketing spend.


Why Altitude?


Because this brand has been associated with the best of the best in the promotional clothing industry in the country for more than two decades, T-shirts created and branded by Altitude have ruled the roost. In addition to highly durable and attractive apparel and promotional clothing for the corporate industry, they have also earned a reputation of designing and manufacturing some of the best corporate clothing on the South African market. Initially, this Canadian company steadily worked at building a name for themselves in the indoor and outdoor corporate clothing industry. Later, they expanded the brand internationally, and South Africa became one of their prime markets.


Initially, they specialised in products aimed at the American and Canadian promotional markets, but since then, they have expanded across various countries worldwide. They believe in the heart of value, and provide exceptional T-shirts and other promotional items that bring brands to life. The range of Altitude promotional clothing is especially adept at bringing brands to the attention of their target markets with their stylish and professional designs. They source their fabrics and other materials only from the best in the business.


Great design is another factor. Not only does Altitude provide T-shirts that are suitable to the required purpose, but they also provide value that is simply exceptional. If your company needs to stand out above the competition when it comes to quality, branding, and great value for money, investing in Altitude T-shirts can be one of your main advantages.


Best Clothing and Altitude T-shirts


Because Best Clothing has been an industry leader in the provision of promotional stock and clothing over the last two decades, our clients are always assured that they are receiving the best value for money when they invest in our stock. We only partner with high-quality promotional manufacturers, which means that our standards are exceptional. This is why we feel confident in our association with manufacturers, such as Altitude.


The promotional clothing we provide from their range are all well-designed, created to hold their shape, and highly wearable. In addition to this, our branding is beyond reproach. The branded clothing you purchase from us will fulfil your needs, and be wearable, durable, and desirable. This means that if you want to get your brand name out there, we can provide you with a range of T-shirts to do just that!


If you are in need of some branded corporate wear, call our team at Best Clothing! We will analyse your needs and provide you with the items that will pump up your marketing presence significantly!