Do you need some new, funky designs that look more like a 2018 corporate clothing range than a 1987 uniform? Best Clothing can help! Because we specialise in bringing only the best and most contemporary corporate clothing and promotional items to our clients, you are in for a treat when you check out what we have in store for you.


Fashions come and go all the time, and even though uniforms and corporate clothing are usually designed to be fairly classic and timeless, they are not entirely forgotten when it comes to fashion trends. Hemlines can go up or down, tops can get buttons instead of zips, and trousers can be slimmed down instead of being wide. Many new trends are now appearing in corporate wear.


Typically, the 2018 corporate clothing trends follow the overall fashion trends, but not in a slavish way. Designers and manufacturers of corporate clothing realise that uniforms and promotional clothing are investments for an organisation, so they have to last long and not fall out of favour within a few months. This is why the new ranges that are designed every year incorporate some high fashion that is interpreted in a classic, timeless way. Designers understand that dressing in uniform does not mean that style has to be sacrificed.


Current trends provide a professional style with a polished look, in order to provide the observer with the perception of competence and confidence. Patterns are now minimal, colours are more muted yet noticeable, and fabrics are more textured or stiff. For ladies, pencil skirts have made a rather noticeable comeback, and these are worn with longer tops, sweaters or shirts, and belted in the waist. For men, trousers are pleated for comfort around the waist, yet the leg is slimmed down for a more polished look. Style and elegance are emphasised with casual-yet-formal designs that are very comfortable. This makes the 2018 corporate clothing range more work appropriate and job friendly.


If you want your employees to wear corporate clothing or a uniform that is the epitome of corporate chic, you have to contact our team at Best Clothing. We have partnered with some of the best names in the industry, in order to bring our clients the most well designed, wearable, and attractive corporate clothing available. We stock a range of clothing provided by Barron, Altitude, Amrod, and other very reputable brands which are synonymous with quality and style. In addition, our 2018 corporate clothing range is affordable and highly accessible (even to small businesses). We strive to add value to your business, and our high-value corporate clothing ranges speak for themselves.


At Best Clothing, we stock a very wide product range that includes skirts, trousers, sportswear, jackets, caps, promotional items, and many others. We do the branding or embroidering for you, and we can even have custom items designed for you. For more information about our 2018 corporate clothing range, just give us a call!