If you used to attend a school where you had to wear a uniform, chances are that you probably felt frustrated at times, wondered why you had to wear a uniform in the first place, and wished that your parents had enrolled you in a school where wearing a uniform was not necessary and you would be free to express yourself creatively through the way you dress.


You may have found the notion of wearing a uniform rather silly and dreamt of the day when you did not have to wear one anymore, unless your dream was to become a police officer or fireman or to join the air force, army or navy. Once you become a university student or enter the grown-up world, you quickly realise that wearing regular clothing every day is a little overrated.


Now that you are a grown-up, perhaps the concept of wearing a uniform when going to work might not seem that ridiculous to you anymore. Even as a University student with the freedom to wear what you want to class; you might need to get a part-time job doing and might become a waitron at a restaurant or bartender and will need to wear a uniform anyway.


If you choose to enter the retail industry, for example, you will probably also need to wear some sort of uniform so that customers will know that you work there. When you get paid to wear a uniform every day, instead of just feeling like you are wearing a uniform for no reason like when you were in school, and when you also realise what it costs to buy your own clothes, wearing a uniform to work quickly starts to make a lot of sense.


While a lot of companies do still allow their employees to wear whatever they want, and many companies are shifting away from making employees wear formal business attire, a lot of companies are still choosing to create their own rules when it comes to the way that employees need to dress for work.


There are many reasons why companies might decide to make employees wear uniforms when going to work, which includes making employees easy to identify for the customers, for the sake of uniformity, and to strengthen and promote the company’s brand.


If you work in an environment where employees need to wear uniforms, or if you are in the process of starting a company and are trying to decide whether your employees should wear uniforms or not, you might find this article informative and helpful.


Below, we will explore a few ways your company could benefit from employees wearing uniforms, as well as how wearing uniforms affects employees overall.


Wearing Custom Corporate Wear Can Make Employees Feel Like They Belong


Human beings have an intense desire to feel like they belong. Nowadays, more and more people are feeling depressed and lonely, and that is partly because a lot of people do not feel like they have a group where they fit in or belong.


There are various places where people can find their tribe, one of them being in the workplace. If somebody typically feels quite lonely but then starts working for a company where they can form strong connections with the people they work with and feel like they belong, it can help a lot in terms of improving their mental health and wellbeing.


Certain company practices, such as team-building events and wearing the same custom corporate wear can further encourage a sense of belonging. While many people use what they wear as a way to stand out, wearing the same clothes as others can often help you fit in and automatically make everyone accept you as a part of the team.


Just think about sports, for example. If you see somebody wearing a jersey with your favourite rugby team’s branding on it, it helps you connect with them instantly and unifies you. If you see somebody wearing a T-shirt with your favourite band’s logo on it or favourite cartoon character, it automatically shows that you have something in common and gives you something to bond over.


Wearing the same corporate wear to work can help unify your team of employees, and your employees are more likely to feel like they belong, which can boost overall morale and improve employee performance.


If an employee does not feel like they belong or fit in at work, they will be more likely to dread going to work and will enjoy the work a lot less, which can reflect negatively in their performance.


Your Employees Can Save Money by Wearing Corporate Clothing


There is quite a lot of pressure to keep up with the Joneses in society, and this also applies to what you wear. If an employee does not have the money to buy new clothes every season and keep wearing the same things to work over and over again, while other employees can buy new clothes often, it can make them feel insecure and less than. If your employees are all dressed in the same corporate clothing, it can not only save your employees money, as they will only need to wear their uniform to work, but it can also help prevent employees feeling inferior because they cannot afford new clothes.


Corporate Training Makes It Easier for Your Customers to Find Who to Talk To


If customers feel lost and they are not sure who to talk to, it can be the reason why you lose sales. If your employees are dressed in clearly branded clothing, then it will be much easier for customers to find who they need to talk to and who they can ask questions. For the sake of client service management, having your employees wear branded corporate clothing is a great business decision.


Imagine how hard it will be for people to find someone who can assist them in a large retail store if everyone who worked there was dressed in casual clothes and looked like they could be customers. You want people to be able to easily identify the ones who are in the know and to find help if needed.


Custom Corporate Wear Can Help Strengthen and Promote Your Brand


Establishing a strong brand image is crucial for your business. If you want to stand out and separate yourself from your competition, then you want to make people notice and remember you. Focusing on brand strategy is one of the best things that you will ever do for your business. From the colours you use to the font of your logo, every little detail adds up and represents your brand.


If you have a retail store, for example, your branding efforts will go into the way the store looks; things like promotional banners, posters, and brochures; your online image; and the way customers will see your employees. The people who work in your retail establishment should serve as ambassadors for your brand. Think about how the way your employees are dressed affects the customer experience.


If you own a toy store, for example, and your employees are dressed in fun, colourful T-shirts, it will be more likely to draw people in and add to a fun experience. You could change the T-shirts that employees wear seasonally and have relevant images and phrases printed on the T-shirts which will resonate with the kids, who are your main target market.


If you are in the financial services industry and you want people to respect and trust your brand, you might want to opt for professional collared shirts that have your company logo embroidered on them. Choose colours that are associated with wealth, authority, and expertise, such as blue, black and green.


The custom corporate wear that you choose for your employees can help to tell the story of your brand and influence the way that your company is perceived in the marketplace.


Whether or not employees should wear uniforms is a decision that each business owner and/or management team will need to make. Make an informed decision and analyse and weigh up the pros and cons of your employees wearing custom corporate wear to work instead of choosing their own clothes.


How will it affect your brand perception? How could your employees wearing uniforms help your brand stand out and succeed? These are just a few questions that you can contemplate if you are trying to decide whether to opt for custom corporate wear or not.


If you do decide that you want custom corporate wear for your employees, browse our available catalogue and contact us today on 010 595 7814 or to further discuss your options and needs. We will be happy to help you choose the right uniforms and design for your company to help your brand stand out, your employees feel like they belong, and to save your employees money in the long run.


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