There are a lot of companies in South Africa that specialise in branded clothing and promotional clothing to get their brands recognised. While investing in these items is one of the best branding strategies you can muster, the chosen items have to be desirable, entertaining, and good for your image. The branding and apparel used to market concepts and products has to be well thought out, and this is why it is so important to choose US Basic as one of the main brands you invest in.


Their reputation is something that has been built up over years. Brand innovation, as well as quality corporate gifts and clothing have formed the backbone of the branded promotional item industry for years. In order to ensure that only the best garments and promotional items are sold by your local US Basic clothing supplier, only a few different branding companies have been allowed to stand in line to qualify for US Basic clothing brand distribution and sales.


US Basic has been serving the local industry for a long time. As a result, the strength and importance of branding has honed the skills of US Basic clothing suppliers everywhere to ensure that all important services and products are taken care of. South Africa is one of their most lucrative markets, because the economy here is active and instant. The need for efficient marketing in this country is evident in the amount of advertising on television, print and promotional clothing, and other items.


Best Clothing and Gifts is a US Basic Clothing supplier to boost brands all over the country. Because their clothing and other promotional items have become so popular across the advertising world, US Basic is now used by a number of high-profile advertising agencies and companies throughout South Africa. These items are often used in the context of growing a product profile to its full abilities with the high quality of clothing and other promotional items enjoyed by successful companies to promote their brands.


The name of US Basic is somewhat misleading – even though it sounds like an American company, their headquarters are actually based in Cape Town. From here, clients are able to order high-quality promotional stock for clients across Europe, Africa, and even the USA!


One of the things that sets us apart from other promotional product providers is that we offer high-quality, luxury items.


Why You Should Choose Best Clothing and Gifts as Your Supplier


We only brand and distribute high-quality, luxury goods. This is why we have partnered with prominent brands, such as Barron, US Basic, and Altitude. We believe that there is value in high-quality items given as promotional items. These do not only sport some serious clout with observers, but also enables the wearer to gain brand loyalty through our speciality gifts.


We are one of the few handpicked distributors and branders of numerous products from high-profile brands in the industry. We like to take a personal approach to all our work. We will dedicate a brand specialist to your campaign and provide you with the best branded items available on the market today. We have a long and reputable history in the industry, and we are a trusted name when it comes to branded items and other ways of marketing your brand, or to strengthen your clout in your specific industry. Give our team a call today to find out more!