Every company, school or sports team needs branded T-shirts for events, advertising and even just for creating a highly recognisable brand identity. T-shirt printing is a simple and effective form of marketing and if your company is not yet benefitting from it, you should be asking yourself why. The problem really only arises when T-shirt printing costs become too high and this can happen if you print large quantities of T-shirts on a regular basis. It can even be a problem if you print small quantities of T-shirts, if you are a small business, due to exorbitant unit costs associated with small runs.


It can become tempting to opt for cheap printing methods to cut back on costs, but this can often result in a negative impact on your company image and brand, because of the products’ shabby appearance. If you are looking for a profession company that offers T-shirt printing for less without compromising on the quality of the end result, opt for our silkscreen printing service.


Professional and experienced printing specialists in our company carry out our silkscreen printing process; see how this type of branding can benefit you today. If you are considering all of your branding options and you are not quite sure if silkscreen printing is the T-shirt printing method for you and your business, consider the following benefits of this printing type:



We have dealt with all kinds of T-shirt printing jobs, big and small. Our in-house designers can work with your supplied artwork or you can work closely with one of our designers to create a design and brand that truly represents your company’s image, personality and objectives. In addition to our T-shirts and T-shirt printing services, we also offer to supply you with a range of top-quality golf shirts. These can be ordered from our existing ranges of imported clothing including AMROD Clothing, Barron Clothing and Altitude Clothing or you can opt to have your T-shirts designed and manufactured according to your exact specifications at one of our local factories.


If you are tired of paying high prices for average print quality and low-quality T-shirts and corporate clothing, turn to Best Clothing and enjoy T-shirt printing for less. Here you will find a wide range of T-shirt types and fabric grades to choose from and we guarantee that our silk screen-printing process will not disappoint you. For more information and advice on our range and how you can use T-shirts to boost your business, contact us via email or telephone today.