Without a doubt, school uniforms should be durable. This is especially true when one considers the fact that many learners often only purchase one or two sets a year and as such, it is imperative to make use of a supplier that can provide high quality, yet, affordable school uniforms.


The clothing from us is available to wholesalers, schools, retailers, and corporate suppliers or the companies. We have a reputation for excellence and the fabrics used in the various types of clothing fit the purpose perfectly.


Winter & Summer Clothing


For school uniforms we suggest fabrics according to season. In the summer months, especially in a warm climate as experienced in South Africa, you will want to invest in fabrics that will keep the learners cool and that will not cling to their bodies. It is essential to ensure that the fabrics will not cause allergic reactions or skin irritations. Finding a fabric that is universally applicable can be difficult, but not if you purchase from us.


Likewise, during winter you will want the learners to be warm, yet, not overly dressed. The blazers must be light enough to also wear during the summer months and still thick enough to protect against cool wind.


Wrinkle-free Fabrics


Children play and most often don’t pay attention to the neatness of their clothing when they are still young. In such instances, it will be best to invest in clothing that doesn’t wrinkle easily, but should it wrinkle, will still look neat.


Seams & Finishes


With the high level of activity associated with children, it is imperative to invest in uniforms that will not come loose at the seams even when exposed to sunlight daily, several washes a week, and a lot of wear. High quality stitching is important. Most parents don’t want to buy new uniforms more than once a year and expect the clothing to last at least for 12 months of constant wear and exposure to hammering.


Stain Resistant


Although one can certainly not expect to get fabric at an affordable price and also have 100% stain resistance, it is essential to invest in clothing made from fabric that can clean easily and which does have an acceptable level of stain resistance.


Dry Cleaning


Blazers must be dry clean ready although many parents cannot afford to send the blazers for dry-cleaning every week. With this in mind, select blazers that can be washed as well. If the blazers are to be dry-cleaned only, select the types that can go without dry-cleaning for week or two at a time to save money for the parents.




Purchase clothing that is affordable enough for the parents, yet also durable enough to be solid investments. If you are a supplier of clothing, you will want to purchase uniforms that will allow for some profit margin without having to compromise on quality.


Where to Buy


We provide school uniforms and corporate clothing that meet and exceed all the requirements. View our range of services and request a quote today.