Corporate clothing in South Africa has changed over the years. Although formal wear is often still required, many companies now also invest in casual, smart casual and active wear for their employees. It is certainly not unusual to see IT specialists in golf shirts with neat pants.


From woven shirts for a more formal look together with formal trousers to moisture control shirts and work clothes now form part of corporate clothing trends in South Africa. As a trusted supplier of corporate clothing in South Africa, we cater for summer and winter months in addition to:



Fleece pull-over shirts have become rather popular for the spring and autumn seasons while the tracksuits and T-shirts are exceptionally popular for the team building and sport days.


Companies are no longer simply places of employment, but are rather the second family dwellings for many employees. Giving them the opportunity to get all their outfits through your company for anything work related will help to build loyalty and brand image.


Why Offer Corporate Wear?


More and more companies now offer extensive clothing ranges for their employees to ensure a coherent look and feel. Rather than facing the risk of employees embarrassing your company through their way of dressing, you can now set a standard by letting them select from a range made specifically for your company. You can even let them browse through our catalogues and then place your bulk order after each employee or department has selected a range.


You want to create unity in the company and want to build a team spirit and long lasting loyalty. Corporate clothing that is functional, visually appealing, neat, and practical can be made available to your employees to ensure that when customers see your employees they will immediately recognize your brand. People tend to buy from brands they trust and if they trust your brand, they are more likely to buy from one of your employees dressed in your particular company brand clothing.


By investing in an extensive range of clothing for your employees you standardise the dress code without having to call for disciplinary action against inappropriately dressed employees. They will want to look the same as their peers and when they wear your clothing, will be in work mode. They will also be more aware of their actions and interactions with clients because they know that they are ambassadors for your brand.


What to Consider


Select a range that will be universally acceptable for your employees. Consider weight, physical features and the type of work that the employees must do. You want to ensure that they will be comfortable in the clothing and that such will also be reflective of their position in the company. Some companies invest in different colours for different departments. Select appropriate wear for outdoor workers and also for managers. Clothing is more than fashion and must therefore be practical, yet still be aesthetically appealing.


View our range and call on us to discuss the various options and your preferences.