As a trusted reseller of Barron Clothing, we bring you high quality corporate and active wear. We supply to wholesalers, retailers, corporate suppliers, companies, schools, and related outlets.


Why Barron Clothing?


With over 20 years in the industry, Barron Clothing has become renowned for superior quality, high-end finishes, branding, and creativity. With the extensive range of corporate and active wear available from Barron, we meet your company’s clothing, promotional, and branding requirements.


The range of clothing includes, but is not limited to:



The company’s clothing is tested for durability, and since we know that when you use clothing as branding or promotional vehicles, we also recognise that you will want superior quality. Your company, school or organisation’s image is associated with the quality of print, fabric, and the style of the clothing. As such we also know that we can sell you Barron Clothing with confidence as their clothing is made to last and to also look great when printed on.


Environmentally Friendly


In a day and age where it is socially responsible to buy environmentally friendly products, you will be glad to know that the Barron range is environmentally safe. The complete product lifecycle is eco-friendly. Barron only supplies clothing that is ethically produced, which is also important when considering the many unethical employment practices in textile industries around the world. You thus buy products that will not harm the environment and are not associated with unethical manufacturing practices. This is a definite plus since your company will therefore do its part in protecting the planet and humans.




According to Barron Gifts, they only import and provide merchandise that are made according to international and local product laws. They are not only committed to the supply of top quality products, but also to social responsibility towards their customers.




As a trusted supplier of Barron Clothing, we can also provide you with high quality printing on the merchandise. Simply provide the details and we will quote accordingly. Note that the best type of printing is used to meet the particular fabric, merchandise, size, total, and detail requirements.


Types of Printing


The following types of branding can be done:





Whether you want bags, promotional or corporate gifts, high quality uniforms or active wear you can trust in the Barron Clothing brand. View the full range of products available and make your branding a complete success through our clothing and printing services. Get a quote today.