Most business managers and marketing strategists will agree that the use of branded clothing and other promotional items can be hugely effective when it comes to marketing and promoting a particular brand, product, or service. Not only is it very cost-effective when compared to other marketing media, but it lasts longer, is visible in many different places, and sends a continuous message to the potential consumer. If your clients are willing to wear your branded clothing, it also creates the impression that they advocate your brand, and as such, they become your brand champions.


Getting hold of a high-quality range of custom corporate clothing, however, can be a bit more challenging than you may think. While there are a lot of companies that specialise in the provision and branding of corporate clothing, uniforms, and sports apparel, not many of them are able to provide the quality needed for these items to remain attractive and intact for a long period of time. Tatty clothing with your company logo or brand name on it does not send a good message, and if the branding, printing, or fabrics are inferior, the joy of free advertising will not last very long.


Here, we provide you with some great tips on finding the best provider or supplier for your specific range of custom corporate clothing. Whether you need uniforms, safety wear, sports gear, or a well-designed and exclusive rage of custom corporate clothing, you need to know who you are dealing with, and you need to be sure that they can provide the quality you need, at the price you can afford.


Tip 1 – Ask Around: It is vital to do some research before you decide on a supplier to provide you with a range of custom corporate clothing. The usual promotional clothing suppliers rely on already made designs and existing items of clothing, which they then simply brand and sell. If, however, you need a range of custom corporate clothing designed for a particular event or purpose, you need to deal with suppliers that are not only able to design clothing, but also cut the patterns and provide samples and ideas of custom-made items.


It is easy to print a T-shirt, but designing a range of custom corporate clothing, uniforms, or a particular outfit that serves a specific purpose takes some skill that a lot of promotional clothing providers do not possess. This means you have to do your homework, and ask around about reliable clothing suppliers that are able to come up with viable and interesting designs, and then be in a position to create high-quality clothing with the use of great fabrics and expert workmanship.


Tip 2 – Local is Lekker: While you may find some companies in China and India who are more than willing to come up with a range of custom corporate clothing with attractive designs at good prices, you will have very little recourse once you receive your consignment, and the goods are not what you expected. The quality may be inferior, the stitching horrid, and the fit awful. Sending it back for a refund is usually not an option.


This is why it is best to deal with a local supplier, and preferably to keep it as close to home as possible. This will enable you to physically meet with the designers to state your needs and expectations, to have a closer look at their designs and fabric samples, and ultimately, to check out the completed clothing samples. If the product delivered is not to your satisfaction, it will be a lot easier to get a refund or to get the company to fix their mistakes with a new order.


Tip 3 – Be Specific: You have to know what you need before briefing your clothing supplier before you can expect them to design a range of custom corporate clothing for you. Be very aware of what the purpose of the clothing would be, the image it should present, and the circumstances in which this range of corporate clothing will be worn. For instance, you cannot design something with long sleeves and heavy fabrics to be worn on a hot day. Usually, your clothing supplier or designer will question you about these things, so you do need to have a clear image of what you need and why.


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