What does your company’s uniform say about its integrity? Are your customers getting the best possible impression from your staff members’ attire? If it’s time to invest in new uniforms or create first-time uniforms for your business, we can assist! Many businesses overlook the importance of staff uniforms. With business markets being highly competitive these days, it’s best to take on an approach of “image is everything”. Only leading corporate uniform suppliers will be able to offer you the quality of clothing required to make a great first impression.


Before you pay a visit to local corporate uniform suppliers to make comparisons, make sure that you know what you want and need. Make a list of requirements and try to view images of the items advertised by suppliers – this will give you a better idea of what to expect.


Below are 3 tips to consider when shopping for corporate uniforms:


  1. Choose the right fabric for the clothing – fabric quality is vitally important when it comes to corporate uniforms. Cheap, inferior quality fabric will look just like that. And such fabric is likely to fade, stretch or start to look tatty way before its time. Seek out fabrics that don’t crease too easily, don’t chaff, and look and feel comfortable too. Make sure that the fabric you choose is convenient for all staff members to clean. Remember that while dry cleaning a wardrobe might easily be doable for you, it’s not possible for some. Opt for easy-to-wear and easy-to-maintain fabrics, and you cannot go wrong.


  1. Choose the right style of corporate uniform for your business – style is quite important. In fact, it’s more important than you might think. One type of jacket will look stylish on one person, while another might look awful. When choosing corporate uniforms, keep the style varied. Offer options for staff members to choose from, so that everyone can look their best at all times – guaranteed. It might help to gather measurements on staff members’ heights and sizes before you start shopping around.


  1. Provide a selection of items – you don’t want your staff members re-wearing yesterday’s shirt and trousers on consecutive days, so remember to order more than one of each item. A combination of 2 or 3 of every item is safest.


At Best Clothing, we stock a wide array of the market’s best quality corporate uniforms. While we can assist you with finding corporate styled uniforms for your teams, we can also assist you with branding. After all, branding your clothing is a great way to create brand awareness and ensure that your target audience can recognise your company. The top clothing brands that we stock include Barron, Altitude and Amrod. All of these brands are synonymous with style and durability, which means that they are worthy investments for your business and its image.


If you are looking for top-quality corporate uniform suppliers, take the time to get in touch with us at Best Clothing. Send us an email or give us a call to discuss your needs, requirements and budget.