Are you a business or private organisation in Johannesburg looking for a cost-effective way in which to increase brand awareness, boost sales or enhance employee morale? Have you ever considered investing in corporate clothing? Nowadays, business is extremely competitive and not only do you want to make a good impression, you also want to stay 10 steps ahead of the game. By incorporating corporate clothing into your corporate culture, you will have the power to drive your sales right up, save your employees money, improve productivity and save hundreds of thousands in advertising costs each year!


As one of the most proven and successful marketing strategies today, corporate clothing offers a wide range of benefits that simply cannot be compared to any other form of advertising. If your organisation has decided to make corporate clothing part of their 2016 advertising budget and has chosen you to do the honours, then don’t fear because we’ve put together some excellent tips that will put you on the right track.


  1. Quality – it goes without saying that when selecting your corporate clothing suppliers, be sure to choose the one that can offer you the highest quality apparel with top guarantees in place. Corporate clothing is a fantastic means to make your organisation look professional and be taken seriously, but only if you get the quality right. In today’s economic climate, no business can afford to leave themselves open to criticism and negativity, which is why in the world of corporate apparel, quality is everything. If you’re looking for the best return on your investment, then you must partner with a supplier who shares the same quality values as you do.


  1. Variety and Stock Availability a good indication that you’re dealing with a key player is if they can offer a variety of apparel brands all under one roof. There is nothing worse than brand switching, so there’s no point in ordering if you will have to wait months for it to be delivered to your door. It’s important to choose a supplier that can meet your stock demands and deliver within an acceptable time frame.


  1. Safe Online Shopping Facility – while there is a handful of corporate clothing suppliers in Johannesburg, it’s not always possible or convenient visiting them all, which is why online corporate clothing suppliers are best. It’s the 21st century and while showrooms used to be found in buildings, they are now found online. Convenient, easy, safe and open 24 hours a day – choose a supplier that can offer you a good online shopping experience, and a fast and efficient delivery service to your door.


  1. Impeccable In-house Branding Options – every leading corporate clothing supplier understands the value of logo exposure, which is why the branding needs to be perfect. While there are many corporate clothing suppliers in Johannesburg, choose the supplier that can both offer you the services of an impeccable in-house branding team and meet all of your branding deadlines.


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