Many companies all over the world use branded corporate clothing to market their business. Corporate clothes can go a long way to increase the visibility of the brand, and using a corporate clothing range to do this is often a lot less expensive than other advertising media, such as billboards, television, or print. Branded items can be issued to a variety of people, such as your clients, your employees, and the general public when attending an event or trade show. If they like the clothes, they will be more likely to wear them, and everywhere they go, your brand will be on display. They act as virtual walking billboards for your brand.


There are, however, some mistakes that people make when choosing a corporate attire range to brand for marketing purposes. Here are some of the common pitfalls to avoid when choosing the best corporate attire range for your company.


  1. Skimping on Quality: High-quality clothes can be expensive, but the return on this investment is always worth it. A mistake some companies make is to cut corners on quality to keep the price down. Never, ever, compromise on quality! If you provide a client with a branded item that loses its shape or becomes discoloured, they will only get (and create) a bad impression of your brand and company. Stick to well-known and reliable brands, such as the Barron range from Best Clothing. It is especially important to choose only high-quality fabrics and items when issuing these to employees as uniforms. These garments will be worn to work on a daily basis, and will have to be able to withstand repeated laundering, ironing, and continuous wear. Bad quality fabrics will only result in tatty and faded uniforms, and this will demoralise your employees and create a bad brand impression.


  1. Neglecting to Check on Seams, Fasteners, and Other Features: If you are buying a corporate clothing range, you must check out the workmanship very carefully. While high-quality fabrics can be used, they are of no use if the sewing and fasteners cannot stand up to repeated wearing. Fasteners, such as zippers, buttons, or clips have to be able to endure the rigours of repeated opening and closing, and the seams have to be expertly made to strengthen the garment.


  1. Getting the Branding Wrong: While one of the objectives of investing in branded attire is to get the brand name out there, it is essential that the branding design is done carefully and delicately. Branding can be subtle yet effective. Using too many colours, large patterns, or unreadable branding may attract the eye, but for all the wrong reasons. Loud colours and huge patterns can also put people off, and the placement of the branding on the garment is also important, because it has to be visible without being imposing.


  1. Trying to Be Too Funny: Witty or funny messages or logos can be used in a clothing range, but always check that it is actually funny or witty. Often, people think that something is humorous, but in actual fact, it could be inconsiderate and offensive. Rather just brand the clothes with more modest branding in order to get the message and brand name across in a delicate yet effective manner.


  1. Not Considering Practicality: If you are choosing corporate wear for your employees, they have to be able to carry out their tasks easily while wearing the uniform. The clothes have to be comfortable and suited to the job that the person does. For instance, if someone works in a hot environment, choose cool and absorbent fabrics and a design with short sleeves. If they regularly work with machinery, choose garments that will not pose any danger by getting trapped in equipment. It sounds logical, but it is a mistake often made by people who select clothes for their employees.


If you want to know more about how to perfect your branding on your attire, contact our team! We have all the know-how and experience to provide you with the high-quality clothes you need!