Have you been tasked with picking out corporate apparel to be printed or embroidered with logos? Are you little dazed and confused by the clothing colour options and combinations? Many businesses are realising the importance of branded corporate clothing, which is a highly recommended way of improving the image of your company, increasing publicity and brand awareness, and slashing your advertising bill. Smart branded apparel offers businesses some powerful benefits that cannot be denied, but in order to achieve the above, you need to get your corporate clothing colours right so your logo can shine.


Your Logo Must Stand Out and Be Noticeable

If you’re looking to set yourself apart from your competitors, choosing the right clothing colour is a decision you need to get right. As a strategic tool in business, the colour of your corporate uniforms should complement and stage your brand. In fact, it should allow your employees to stand out. But a common mistake that most businesses make is to choose colours that are too similar to the text colour in their logo. Considered as the defining factor that distinguishes your brand from all the others, and as the face of your campaign, your logo needs to bold, strong and powerful. If you’re at a loss where to start, then here are some colour rules you should follow, which, if you get them wrong, can drown out your logo, negatively affecting the overall performance of your corporate clothing campaign.

Your Apparel Colour Should Complement Your Logo


Whether you’ve had your logo designed by one of the top professional graphic design agencies in South Africa or a friend who knows Photoshop pretty well, most logos are designed and presented against a white backdrop, making it difficult to tell how it would look on another colour. While one-colour logos will stand out on just about any clothing colour, what would happen to a multi-coloured logo? As one of the leading suppliers of branded corporate clothing in South Africa, we’re no strangers to assisting companies, big and small, to strategise over their corporate clothing campaigns. And if there is one piece of valuable advice we offer businesses time and time again, it is to choose a colour that complements their logo, and not a one that causes it to blend into the background. It is always best to think of your apparel colour as a background that highlights your logo, and you cannot go wrong with choosing a colour that contrasts with the colours in your logo such as grey, black, pinstripe, or charcoal.


Now that you have a better idea of how to choose the right clothing colour to complement your logo, you need a supplier you can trust, and that supplier is Best Clothing. Proud of our reputation as the leading affordable corporate clothing supplier of superior quality brands such as Amrod, Altitude, Barron, Einstein, and Pro-active clothing brands, we also offer in-house logo branding that range from embroidering to silkscreen printing. We believe that your success is our success. We are the intelligent corporate clothing supplier choice.