Looking to create a smarter workplace image, enhance equality in the workplace, bring down advertising costs and increase sales? Nowadays, there is a variety of ways in which to improve and better a business – you could spend hundreds of thousands on print and media marketing, you could improve employee performance and morale by implementing expensive team building getaways and dynamic motivational speakers, or you could increase your online social presence and website appearance. As brilliant as all of the above may sound, none are as effective, affordable and profitable as branded promotional and corporate clothing.


An extremely powerful marketing tool used by many successful small to large businesses throughout the world – once you understand its power, you will appreciate its worth! Offering businesses a plethora of benefits that no other form of marketing can measure up to – if you’re looking to turn your image around and boost customer loyalty and trust, improve employee confidence and morale in the workplace, and even double your sales, then you need to browse the Barron clothing catalogue.


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We Design, Brand and Deliver


As South Africa’s most valued corporate clothing supplier, we have helped many small to large businesses save money, enhance their brand awareness and build their image, and we can help you with yours. Ensuring that each and every one of our customers’ orders are treated with the utmost urgency and professionalism, we also offer the services of our in-house branding department. Fundamental to ensuring maximum exposure of your logo, when it comes to in-house branding, we are recognised as being one of the best and offer the options of embroidery or silk screen printing. Simply send us your artwork and we will design, brand and deliver!


An affordable and proven way of enhancing the image of your company and increasing publicity and brand awareness – make a wise investment in your business and take the time to browse the Barron clothing catalogue here on our website today. With our credible reputation for quality brands paired with our in-house branding options and quick turnaround time – we are simply the intelligent choice as your Barron clothing suppliers.