Branded clothing is an effective branding strategy employed by many different South African companies, from all sectors of the economy. More and more companies are becoming aware of this effective and affordable branding strategy and its many advantages. It remains one of the most cost-efficient and effective ways to get word about your company to its prospective consumers. It can also help to place your business in a favourable light and build its brand in the market place.


At Best Clothing, we work hard to offer our clients the great quality clothing and products that they expect. Our speciality lies in providing customised clothing and branding solutions that range from promotional gifts, to branded clothing and uniforms. When you approach Best Clothing for all of your branding needs, we take the time to make personal contact with you, in order to discuss and understand your needs before we offer you a solution.


Due to our many years of experience in the sector, we have come to form a greater understanding of our clients’ needs. This has enabled us to offer an industry leading solution to all of their requirements and offer products that truly add tangible value to their concerns. The key to our efficient and customised service is to offer a fast and resourceful turnaround time, along with competitive prices.


Servicing the Entire Southern African Region with Branded Clothing


Even though Best Clothing is headquartered in Johannesburg, we are one of the leading branded clothing suppliers in the entire southern African region. We are proud of the fact that no order is too large or too small for us, and we can provide you with a cost-efficient and quality service that will do your brand justice. Our team of professionals works hard to offer a value-adding service that of our clients will find value in.


Our line of branded and corporate clothing is revered in the industry for its quality and durability, and we supply to our clients straight from the manufacturers. There is no middleman to run up the costs any further and you can rest assured that you always receive the very best value for your money. Some of the various clothing products that you can expect when partnering with one of the leading branded clothing suppliers in South Africa include:



Aside from this, we also provide various quality branding options, such as silk screen printing, video flex and embroidery, to add that personal touch to your branded clothing. We have the capacity to cater to large orders, or small to medium quantities of great quality clothing. Some of the leading clothing brands that you can opt for through Best Clothing include Barron Clothing, Einstein T-Shirts and Proactive Clothing, to name only a few. To learn more about our business and how we can offer you great value for money, contact one of the leading branded clothing suppliers in South Africa, to discuss all of your needs with an industry leader today.