Altitude Clothing and gifts have been at the forefront of the marketing and promotional environment in this country for over two decades, and their team has worked hard to earn a solid reputation in the industry. The first products were mainly focused on products and promotional apparel, but later, Altitude entered the promotional gift market with some pretty impressive gift ideas.


This company is well-known for its focus on design and the manufacturing of clothing and gifts that make an impact on the receiver. In addition to this, they provide products of exceptional quality and great value for money. If you want to take your promotional gifts and other products to new heights, Altitude is the brand to choose.


Altitude Promotional Gifts That Make a Difference


At Altitude, specific attention is given to promotional items that are used every day, and there is a big variety of product ranges to choose from. All these products are designed to fulfil customer needs when it comes to brand promotion with the use of clothing and gifts. A lot of attention is given to colourful items and great branding ideas, and their catalogues are full of great ideas that will help to elevate your brand in your industry, and there is virtually no limit to what can be done when it comes to design and branding.


It has been proven, over the years, that promotional products do work on many levels – external to the company and internally. Altitude is one of the brand names that are most well-known for the design and manufacture of high profile, branded items. They currently boast almost 400 different types of promo-centric designs and products that satisfy the needs of many, so there is a lot to choose from.


No matter which you choose, you can rest assured that the clothing and gifts you choose will fulfil your promotional requirements. All items can be branded with messages or logos, or be embroidered by specialists. They have world class showrooms in different locations all over South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Kenya, and Zambia, which means that their products are easily obtainable and that their footprint is large on the African continent.


Other items, in addition to Altitude clothing and gifts, include headwear and sports apparel. New designs are continuously added to their already impressive product ranges, which are designed specifically with Africa in mind. Fabrics are selected very carefully, and a wide range of shades, fabrics, and colours are available to choose from. One thing that all their products have in common is style, and this gives customers the opportunity to create a good impression with their branded products. Sports apparel will typically include golf shirts, peak caps, fleece jackets, hoodies, tracksuits, and jackets that can meet the needs of any type of sportsperson while still making an impression with the brand.


Because the diversity in Africa has to be catered for, this company caters to these needs with a long list of different items that fulfil different requirements. This includes a variety of sizes, ladies clothing, and other items only used by specific groups.


Branding and Distribution Made Easy


While Altitude clothing and gifts can be branded by the company itself, there are many different distributors that brand the clothing according to the specific client needs. Certain companies are hand-picked to add the branding or embroidery, and because this has to be top class, only certain branding companies are allowed to brand and distribute their products.


This ensures that the branding is high quality and appropriate for the types of apparel that they are applied to. We are one of the branding distributors that have been chosen by different high-level apparel manufacturers to represent their brands and to add branding with outstanding value and exceptional quality that will last long and remain durable.


They also have the latest technology that allows for outstanding branding possibilities and have invested significantly in some of the latest technology on the market to ensure that they can provide customers with the best types of promotional apparel and gifts. For more information, contact our team today to check out our range of promotional items and apparel.