When coming up with your business and marketing plans, it is very important that you, as a business owner, to consider whether or not you want to harness the power of corporate clothing and use it to help your business excel in the marketplace.


There are many advantages of corporate clothing, including the fact that your employees will look more professional. But today, however, we wanted to explore the various ways that corporate clothing can benefit you as a business owner in order to help you make an informed decision on whether or not to get corporate clothing for your business, as well as how you are going to utilise it if you do.


If you have not considered investing in corporate clothing already, then perhaps you will want to after reading this.


Corporate Clothing Can Enhance Your Company Image


Your company’s image is crucial if you want to succeed in the long run. There are many things that contribute to your company’s overall image, such as your brand colours and logo design. Then there is the matter of your staff. The way that your employees look can make a big difference in terms of how people perceive your business. So, you want to spend enough time ensuring that the way they are dressed communicates the message that you want to portray and contributes to a positive brand image.


If your employees are free to wear what they want every day, which has its own benefits, then you do not have a lot of control over the way they dress and the image it will create. These are some of the downfalls of giving your employees complete creative freedom when it comes to what they wear to work every day. Sure, you can set some guidelines for the way you want employees to dress, but that is about it, and chances are that some employees might choose to wear attire that is not necessarily appropriate for the workplace.


If an employee is not dressed the way that you would like them to dress, then it can be very difficult, if not nearly impossible to approach the subject without offending them. Rather save yourself any possible discomfort in the future and take control of your company’s image by investing in corporate clothing for your employees to wear to work every day. If you can give them the clothes that you want them to wear, it will be one less thing for you to worry about in your business. You can simply choose a uniform or a few uniform options for them to choose from once, and you will not have to worry about it again.


Investing in Corporate Clothing Means Investing in Walking Advertisements


Before the invention of digital marketing, corporate clothing was already a way for businesses to advertise and grow brand awareness. Sure, it is a marketing method that has been used for a very long time, but there is a reason why branded corporate clothing is still one of the most popular advertising methods used by businesses around the world today: it works.


If the corporate clothing that you choose displays your company’s logo, then wherever your employees go, whether to the store after work or a quick lunch with a friend, people will see your brand displayed. One of the best things you can do for brand awareness is investing in corporate clothing.

You can still spend money on all kinds of marketing methods, such as online advertising and handing out flyers, but consider this: your business is going well. You are making sales, you are helping clients, and you are doing whatever you need to do on a daily basis to operate your business. But then the unthinkable happens…like now where the whole world is greatly affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) which has hit the world and there is suddenly a nationwide lockdown forcing people to stay home and businesses to close their doors for weeks.


As a business owner, if you lose money during this time, chances are that you will have to cut back on your marketing budget. If you cannot afford to spend money on advertisements but your employees are wearing corporate clothing with your logo on it, then you are at least still able to advertise your business in some way without having to pay extra.


Even after the virus passes and the world goes to its new state of normal, other disasters, whether personal or global, could strike in the future, and you want to be prepared.


Invest in ways of advertising your business that will still allow you to gain new customers and clients when times are tough. Aim to set your business up in a way that you can operate as normally as possible in times of crisis. If there is anything that businesses can learn from this pandemic it is that they need to always be prepared for the unexpected.


You Can Show Your Company’s Culture and Connect with Customers


Nowadays, people do not just consider the products or services that are offered by a company, but they also consider the company culture, company values, and the overall impact that the company has on society and the environment. Your loyal customer base will grow if people can resonate with your corporate culture. Imagine how well your business can do if you can get 1000 people to really connect with your company’s culture and start to support you for life.


This 1000 customer idea is based on the essay, 1000 True Fans, by Kevin Kelly. The basic idea is that if you can get 1000 people to give you a set amount of money each year and support you no matter what happens, your business should thrive. It is about getting a certain number of loyal customers and people who will spread the word about your brand, and that will not happen if people do not connect with your company’s culture. Imagine if 1000 people decided to wear shirts with your company’s logo on it because they are proud to be associated with your company.


If people can get Harley Davidson tattoos because they love the brand, you should be able to get people to love your brand so much that they will walk around with your logo on their chests.


Think about the typical person that would buy from you or acquire your services. If you are trying to target a younger demographic with your products or services, a more casual look, such as jeans and colourful T-shirts might work better, but if you are trying to reach people above 40, who are serious in their approach to business, a more professional look might be best.


If your employees are dressed the way your ideal client or customer dresses, then it will increase the chances of them resonating with you, connecting to you, and wanting to work with you.


It Is an Opportunity to Show Your Support for a Good Cause


Nowadays, more and more young people, especially, are choosing to support brands that are doing their part for the world, whether they are choosing to work with companies who are trying to help the environment in a way, support certain social causes, or promise to donate funds to certain charities. The buy one, donate one model is also something a lot of companies are adopting nowadays, where they vow to donate one of their products to someone in need for each one that they sell. You could even say that you will donate one for each two or three sold, depending on what will work best for your company and allow you to grow and succeed financially while still doing your part for humanity.


You can give your employees T-shirts to wear that display messages that your ideal customer believes in and shows that your business is doing what it can to make the world a better place. Maybe even make T-shirts that display a certain cause and donate a percentage of your sales to the cause can go a long way in securing loyal customers now and in the future.


Be strategic when it comes to the corporate clothing that you choose for your employees if you do choose to give your employees specially designed workwear. You can even just give your employees one T-shirt each that they can wear on Fridays, at team-building or networking events, such as golf days.


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